उपाध्यक्षको सन्देश


Nepal today is a country in a hurry. Building on the landmark political achievements in recent years of expanding democratic freedoms and building an inclusive polity, Nepal now seeks to leapfrog in development terms, harnessing its unexploited economic assets, consolidating social gains, and minimizing location-specific vulnerabilities.

The priority, going forward, is on job-creating economic change, propelled by large investments in infrastructure, early childhood, and the creative ingenuity of our youth bulge.

After a gap of nearly twenty years, elected local governments are being formed at the grassroots with great enthusiasm. Conditional on improved governance, this will redress our deficits in public service provisioning and lackluster growth.

As the new Constitution steers Nepal away from a unitary to a federal structure, bodies like the National Planning Commission need to adapt to taking the long view.

During my tenure, I plan to help reorient NPC into a credible public-sector think tank that nurtures evidence-based policymaking; articulate elements of a long-term development roadmap; expedite the pursuit of the next generation of social and economic reforms; redress coordination failures in projects of national priority; and foster cooperative federalism.    

Public service is a noble calling, and I humbly seek the support and goodwill of everyone who wishes Nepal and Nepalis well.

Swarnim Waglé

August 6, 2017